Issue tracker & project management tool

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Isssuly is multi-project issue tracker and project management tool that helps all members of a software project to know where they are and what's comming next.

Invite your team members and clients to collaborate and assign them to specific projects.


  • Manage multiple projects
  • Invite your team members or clients and give them access to specific projects
  • Manage milestones & deadlines
  • Tag issues with labels
  • See images (screenshots) in a Lightbox
  • See what's happening in the project timeline

Why should I use this?

  • Manage multiple projects with a single tool
  • Give your members only access to specific projects
  • Save time by having all information you need in one spot
  • Save money by not spending time on hardware and administration tasks
  • Use your own domain name (e.g. - comming soon!

What's next?

We're currently in BETA and there is a lot more features to come. Here are the one we'are currently working on:

  • Notification system - alerts
  • Connect to your Source Control System (SCM)

At the moment we offer a FREE plan which allows you to run a single project and having 5 members on board. The storage is currently restricted to 100 MB.

For our early power users we'd love to loose this restriction. Contact us to apply for a power user account.

Come and join us

It would be a pleasure for us to help you mastering your software projects. Your support is very important to help us to implement the issue tracker that is needed to run successful software projects.

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